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  • The cork puller is a reliable friend and an indispensable aid for any wine lover and anyone who often organizes parties. The product is especially important for New Year's Eve party, birthday party, name day, excursions or holidays. Thanks to its compact size, it fits everywhere, so you can carry it in your backpack, pocket or even in your jacket pocket. It should not be washed in dishwasher.

  • At the end of the arm, he had elements made of plastic. To keep the bottle, turn the corkscrew in by turning the handle. Remember not to screw the screw too far or the cork will be punctured. The arms automatically lift upwards. After turning the screw in it you should lower it and press down at the same time. Then the cork comes up automatically. You have to pull on him to get him out of it

  • The manufacturer promise that the product is good under proper use nonslip and easy-grip handles,sturdy lever arms provide easy cork removal. This Wine Bottle Opener is constructed from zinc alloy for strength and flexibility with soft touch panels for comfort and easy grip Built-in bottle opener.Sturdy lever arms provide easy cork removal Designed in a style guaranteed to never go out of fashion Ideal for any restaurant, bar, or home for a romantic evening or just a casual drink With the conservation, the removal of very specific corks is easy and allows the quick opening of the bottles, allowing guests to taste delicious wine from their glasses. The use of the corkscrew is self-explanatory and its comfortable handle adapts well to any hand, which makes the cork removal not only quick but also does not overstrain muscles or patience.

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